3.28.19 Lead Team Meeting Summary

Our main points of prayer and discussion were about following Jesus forward with our budget and in pursuing a new space to meet.


After a several-weeks-long process of prayerful submission to the Lord, we got to talk more concretely about shaping up a budget for NLC. We’ve got a solid outline that we feel accords with the spirit of Jesus and the Bible. As “nuts-and-bolts-y” as a topic like budgeting might sound, we want it to be something we all―as a group―are eager to give toward as an act of worship to our generous, self-giving God; and something which is directed at the priorities of His eternal Kingdom, not our tiny, temporal ones. More details and opportunities to give input on this to come.

Meeting Space

We didn’t necessarily plan to discuss this beforehand, but in talking about the budget our conversation naturally drifted toward the remaining desire to find a more suitable meeting space―a desire we know many of you share for the sake of our kids and welcoming in newcomers. While we are thankful for how CrossFit Zachary serves us well in many ways, we would like to put the search for a new space back on the priority list. Please join us in asking God to lead this process, give us His heart and mind about it, and provide options. Be on the lookout and ask around. Look into anything that seems like a possibility and pass on any details or ideas you may have to the lead team.

We love and are praying for each of you. Although this past month has been difficult (to say the least) for our community, there have also been undeniable evidences of God’s presence and work among us at every turn. You all have been tangible examples of Jesus’s caring love to one another in the midst of pain, and we are so proud of you. It’s an honor to serve this group of Jesus’s apprentices.

In thinking and praying toward the future of NLC, stepping into what God has for us together, we talked at our meeting about our desire to lead this group well―with intention and purpose. We hope to continue getting better at giving Spirit-driven vision and direction, as well as practical ways for us to carry out Jesus’s mission and be equipped for the work of ministry (Eph. 4: 11-13).

May God’s Kingdom come and will be done in New Life Community, and in Zachary, as it is in heaven.

Your lead team,
Matt Unglesby - matthew5685@gmail.com
Justin Mayers - justin.mayers@gmail.com
Joel Gilbert - dantedarko@gmail.com
Chase Whitney - chasemwhitney@gmail.com