3.24.19 New Life Exercise

Bearing Fruit ― Mark 12:1-12

God initially set up the world in a wonderful way, giving it everything it needed to reflect His glory. When sin entered, it created brokenness and suffering, and drove distance between us and God. This causes the world to reject God, just like the tenants of the vineyard rejected the servants & the Son. However, God calls us back to Himself, revealing Jesus as the cornerstone of our faith―the One whom the truth in our lives is based on!

Our response, and what Jesus asks of us, is to bear fruit. The fruit that we bear is as different and unique as we are, but the one thing that it has in common is that it reflects the glory of God and draws us and others toward a deeper relationship with Him.

This week, let’s think about how we bear fruit:

  1. As individuals

  2. As a community of believers