3.31.19 New Life Exercise

Belonging to God ― Mark 12:13-17

Jesus taught, “give to God what belongs to God”―which is ourselves. He created us in His image, and we are His. We―all of us: the joy, pain, exhaustion, and everything in between―are invited to belong to Almighty God in every season of life. In the midst of the highest high or the lowest low, what greater opportunity for us could there be? So, we give ourselves to Him together.

Seeking to do what our Rabbi* said as a community, let’s each choose a day in the next week or so to fast for two meals.

  • For the first meal, replace the time you would usually spend eating with prayer. Use it to declare to God with your whole self that what you need and are hungry for most deeply―even more than the food that sustains your body―is to belong to Him completely in the midst of whatever is going on in your life right now. Very simply, tell Him in your own words that you stop everything to put your attention on Him, give yourself to Him, and put your whole life―struggles, brokenness, and all―in His powerful, healing hands. You are His.

  • For the second meal, again, replace eating with prayer. This time, ask God to show you how He wants to use your life―how your story gets pulled up into His greater story. Ask Him to give you His vision of/for your life, as well as a heart of faith and courage to follow Him in it.

If medical or dietary requirements prevent you from skipping meals, fast from screens for the whole day and pray the same things.

*Rabbi simply means “master” or “teacher”.