4.21.19 New Life Exercise

Celebrating Resurrection Life ― 1 Peter 1:3-9

As a way of delighting in the living hope, imperishable inheritance, and joy we have in the midst of trials through the resurrection of Jesus, let’s practice the spiritual discipline of celebration*.

Ask the Holy Spirit for ideas on how you and your family can set your eyes on the living Jesus and celebrate His life and victory together. It could be going to a park when the weather is nice and having a blast together in Jesus’s name. It could be putting on a few worship songs you can dance to and using your body to celebrate the victory and joy of Jesus. The possibilities are almost endless, but decide on something together with the Holy Spirit and enjoy His new, resurrection life that will never end.

*Click here for a chapter on the spiritual discipline of celebration from Richard Foster’s iconic book, Celebration of Discipline. It is one of the best resources to help frame what the discipline of celebration is, and to maybe spark some ideas on how you can practice it.