4.28.19 New Life Exercise

“Beware of the Scribes” ― Mark 12:35-40

After being questioned by the religious leaders, it’s finally Jesus’s turn to ask something of them. He uses the opportunity to show them that the Messiah is not less than a son of David, but He is also much more―the very son of God. Having claimed this kind of authority, Jesus then instructs the people and us to “beware” or “watch out” for the scribes, the teachers of the law. They make a show of their lofty religious devotion but then turn around and take advantage of the vulnerable. “These men will be punished most severely,” Jesus said.

The spirit of those scribes is still alive and well today. Not only have we all seen that kind of hypocrisy and double-mindedness among people who are not apprentices of Jesus, but we have also sadly seen it among those who profess Him as Master as well. Proverbs 6:16-19 provides a summary of these kinds of things God is firmly against.

This week, ask God to shine a spotlight on your own heart and life to see where we might be participating in some of the same attitudes and behaviors as Proverbs 6:16-19―giving special attention to the second half of verse 19. There is enough of this outside of Jesus’s Church; it should not even be remotely characteristic of God’s own people. As God lovingly exposes whatever may be in us, confess it, receive His forgiveness, and repent. We cannot fulfill God’s mission unless we live in unity with one another and Him.