4.7.19 New Life Exercise

Knowing God’s Word & Power ― Mark 12:18-27

How we think directly impacts how we live. We see this truth at work in the Sadducees who, not believing in any sort of resurrection, naturally adopted something of a “live it up while you can” lifestyle―resulting in selfishness, injustice, greed, and corruption (a situation prevalent in our day as well). Where they went astray, as told by Jesus, is that they did not truly know either the Scriptures or the power of God. By contrast, we are a community pursuing intimate familiarity with both God’s Word and His power at work in our lives, just like our Lord did.

In this, the Lord is also constantly pursuing us―wanting to refine us, teach us, be with us, and show us more of Himself and His love. So, this week take some time to…

  • Reflect on something the Lord has taught you lately from Scripture, or something He’s shown you about His power at work.

  • Don’t keep it to yourself. Share what comes to mind with someone else so we can all be encouraged, seek the Lord together, and receive what He has for us as a community.