5.5.19 New Life Exercise

The Widow’s Offering ― Mark 12:41-44

God chose her specifically to teach not only a lesson on humble servanthood and faith, but to prove His point against the leaders of the time. She is a woman, a widow, and incredibly poor. Her gender makes her inferior and voiceless. Her marital status makes her helpless and needy while her poverty makes her empty and devoid of anything considered good in her society. Everything she is screams scarcity and yet Jesus draws our attention to her. He notices her. He uses her to illustrate and condemn a false and oppressive religious system. It also offers a model of full and complete devotion to God.

When we dig something out of our lives, we need to fill it with something else. That something else is simply devotion to the Lord. There are many things to take from this passage, but if anything, like this widow, know that Jesus is telling you that you don’t have to have an abundance of anything the world sees as worthy to please Him, or to be noticed by Him, or to matter to Him, or to make a difference for His Kingdom, or to be loved by Jesus. Put off the world and its things and put on Christ.

There seems to be a lot of focus on "fixing things." Let’s turn our deficiencies into simply loving the Lord. Ask yourself…

  1. Do I delight myself or find complete satisfaction in God? What is more important to me, my happiness or God's glory? Find the areas that you don’t, and simply replace it with things of Him (prayer, reading, singing, giving, service, living your regular life in conversation with Him).

  2. What am I/our group good at? Focus on those things and worship the Lord because of them (stewardship, devotion, tithe, sacrifice, worship, courage/boldness, faith, trust, humility and so many others).