6.16.19 New Life Exercise

Pride: Blocking God's Voice & Action ― Mark 14:26-31

In light of Jesus’s steadfast love and loving kindness for us, we should be drawn to share that news with others. Pride is a main deterrent of us doing that. Our occupation with self, our status, our position, our comfort are all sources of our pride. Regardless of the source of pride, our preoccupation of self keeps us from humbly repenting, and saying “Lord, search my heart, try me, see if there is some wicked way in me, show me, speak to me.”

The exercise is to reflect and evaluate whether or not we have become so preoccupied with ourself that we’re not aware of what God is saying. A self-centered heart is a heart that is blocked to God‘s prompting, speaking, and working.

After reflecting, pray Psalm 51 over yourself.