6.23.19 New Life Exercise

"Not My Will, But Yours Be Done" ― Mark 14:32-42

To help us enter the experience of Jesus during this defining moment of His life―and in order to let His experience enter us―we will engage in an ancient Christian practice called breath prayer.

The idea is just what it sounds like―take a very short, simple prayer (only a few syllables), and pray it along with the rhythm of your breath. For this particular exercise, we will use, "not my will" on the inhale, and, "but Yours be done" on the exhale; imitating our Rabbi in Gethsemane. You can do this slowly during a time of silent, contemplative prayer. You can also carry it with you throughout your day, punctuating your everyday life with expressions of loving submission to our Abba Father's good and perfect will.

This is one helpful practice with a long history that can make sensitivity to God's voice and obedience to His leading more second-nature for us. With time, you may even find yourself unconsciously praying in this way out of habit.

Feel free to try other kinds of breath prayers in addition to this one; such as prayers of gratitude, praise, celebration, or confession―perhaps taken from a verse of Scripture like this one was.